10th National Meeting of Hortillons: from January 18th to 20th, 2019

You can now view the brochure for the 2019 National Meeting of Hortillions, Amiens here



The Region will be sending a team of 24 swimmers, 1 Head Coach, 2 Assistant Coaches and 2 Team Managers to the ’10eme Meeting des Hortillions’ swimming competition in Amiens France.

This is a 3 day competition with morning heats and evening finals.

The team will leave on Thursday 17th January 2019 and return on Monday 21st January 2019

Congratulations to the following swimmers who have been selected to represent the team Swim England West Midlands in Amiens 2019


George Smith  –  Ellesmere College Titans                                                                    Chloe Harris –     Royal Wolverhampton

Deen Ahmed –    Solihull                                                                                                           Henrietta D’Ammassa – Ellesmere College Titans

Oliver Carless –   Boldmere                                                                                                     Katie Hale – Ellesmere College Titans

Daniel Day –        Worcester                                                                                                    Keira Hancock – City of Birmingham

Aidan Mitchell –  City of Birmingham                                                                                Aimee Hood – City of Birmingham

William Geary –   Worcester                                                                                                   Hannah Woodcock – Pershore

Ryan Griffiths –    City of Coventry                                                                                        Harriet Smith – Wrekin College

Alexander Rosser-Barnett- Ellesemere College Titans                                              Lily Massey – City of Birmingham

Jacob Davies –        City of Birmingham                                                                                Eve Leleux – Wrekin College

Finn Nicholl –          Stafford Apex                                                                                            Laura Griffiths – Leamington

Daniel Johnson –     Royal Wolverhampton                                                                         Millie Checkley – City of Birmingham

Thomas Watkin –     Royal Wolverhampton                                                                         Anya Preece – Wrekin College


Head Coach – Dave Painter – Royal Wolverhampton School

Assistant Coach – Mikey Hire – City of Hereford

Assistant Coach – Paul Wilson – City of Coventry

Team Manager – Hayley Colville – Office Manager Swim England East & West Midlands

Assistant Team Manager – Eleri Fairbanks – Shrewsbury SC


Swimmer Selection Criteria 2019